The useless writeups crested the hill. They were headed straight for our position. The sergeant growled: "It's them or us, boys!" We fixed our bayonets.

  • Bust A Move by stardot8: God knows I have no objection to Al Gore jokes, but they should be funny, and they should make sense. Just saying "invent" isn't enough. It has to be part of a complete sentence. /msg'd user.

  • Conversation with my dad by bitwaste: A torrent of obscene abuse. He doesn't like his dad. The feeling is probably mutual. I notified him.

  • dmd the loser who won't get a shower so we can go eat by kanon42: Her friend is late for lunch. Who cares? Good noder, bad writeup.

  • ranger, texas walker by jonk (long fled): Apparently there's a television program, the title of which is the same three words but in a different order. The first writeup is a joke about that, and it's tolerable. This one is from somebody (a native speaker of Latin, perhaps?) who doesn't really quite grok the whole word order thing. The writeup itself is dumb, rambling, and uninformative. He's a fan. Okay! Great. Glad to hear it.

  • how to know if girls like ya by evand2001: Principiis obsta:

    OK that is the question. if they do they will want to touch you alot and they will be ok with you touching them. they will be nice and look at ya the whole time. Ur sayin that you already knew this. Most of all they wont want you to know that they like ya and might come off cold but its when youre not lookin that they will let it show but the only way to know for sure is to ask her. so go and do that instead of reading this stupid page ;-)

    If you want an IRC channel, this isn't one. What is this "Ur" thing? I ended up chatting a bit with this one and he was more pleasant than I'd expected from the above.

  • n00n by maddvibe_ (E1 fossil): "see the national 0rganization 0f nerds." Thanks, I'll pass.

  • The national 0rganization 0f nerds by maddvibe_: An elaborate name for himself and three friends.

  • #n00n by maddvibe_: "a channel on irk that all the ppl from The national 0rganization 0f nerds hang out on." And "ppl" signifies . . . what?

  • irk by maddvibe_: One-line arglebargle about "ppl" and Yuma, AZ.

  • irk by Roadtrip (E1 fossil): They're breeeedinggg . . .

"Noxious Nodeshells" scans identically to "blue-green Olga", the title and tagline of a truly great Jon Spenser Blues Explosion song, written by ex-Luscious Jackson bassist Jill Cunniff. She sings backup on it too: "Blooo-greeeen Ollllgaaaaaa . . .". This means that if Jill Cunniff were here, she could sing "Nahhhxious Noooodeshelllllls", as a sort of lead-in to a list of nodeshells that we'd really be better off without. But she's not here, so I'll just give you a list:

dmd the loser who won't get a shower so we can go eat, how to know if girls like ya, The national 0rganization 0f nerds, n00n, #n00n