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Hello, I'm tubular. I'm a mathematician, and I fancy myself a writer, too. I used to write things for this website, a long time ago—I was even an IRON NODER in 2012—but my consistency has dropped off significantly. Thank you all for letting me use your excellent website.

I hereby release all of my published writeups into the public domain. That being said, I have cannibalized some of my mathematics articles for my personal math blog: It's got my real name on it, so please be careful with it.

People I have called friends: RedOmega, Zephronias, jessicaj, wertperch, Tem42, Mouq, avalyn, Glowing Fish, moeyz, Auspice.

My math/science nodes: call/cc yin-yang puzzle, TREE(3), taxicab metric, fusible number, seven-dimensional cross product, A Few More Translation Exercises, matroid, Kuratowski's Forbidden Subgraph Characterization of Planarity.

My video game–related nodes: SpaceChem, Robot Unicorn Attack, double jump, I Wanna Be The Guy, Tool-Assisted Speedrun, Sonic R, Kaizo Mario World, An Untitled Story, Jumper, Item Abuse, VVVVVV, Dynamite Jack, speedrun.

My unnoded drafts: click here.

My enormous list of bookmarks is below.

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