Item #: SCP-384

Object class: Safe, Euclid, Safe.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-384-1 is to be kept in a standard secure humanoid containment cell.

SCP-384-2 is to be kept in secure nonhazardous storage. It must be stored at all times in a lightproof box, due to █████ █████ █ ███████.

SCP-384-1 is not to be allowed access to SCP-062.

SCP-384-1 is not to be allowed access to SCP-079.

SCP-384-1 is not to be allowed access to SCP-155.

Description: SCP-384-1 is the uploaded personality of a person who calls themself "David Langford", inhabiting a humanoid robot of extremely advanced design, claiming to be from the year 2074. It was discovered ██/██/19██, in ███████, and, unusually, was recovered with no civilian casualties by a joint operation with ███████ █. The cover story and disbursement of amnesics for the recovery operation was complex, see document D384-1 for details.

Its external armor and load bearing frame is composed of diamond composite that ███████████████ characterizes as "fairly typical of late-stage atomic mechanosynthesis." Its computer core is several dozen kilograms of what SCP-384-1 characterizes "adiabatic femtotechnological computronium", a computer that is composed of synthetic subatomic particles. As it is uses reversible logic, it can operate past the von Neumann-Landauer limit, even so, the primary physical limit to extended computation is heat buildup. In extremis, the core can consume 100 kilowatts of power, in return for a claimed ██████████████ floating point operations per second of performance. Additionally, SCP-384-1 claims it has █████████████ bytes of memory.

Dr. U████████ believes it will be no more than sixty years before we are capable of fabricating diamond composites with mundane technology, as opposed to using another SCP. This timeframe agrees with SCP-384-1's professed year of origin. He cannot estimate when the technology used to create its computer will be available.

Mass spectrometry of SCP-384-1's armor reveals that the electrons in the carbon atoms have several parts per million difference in both charge and mass. As there is no way to fabricate atypical electrons with current technology, nor with the femtometer-scale fabrication technology used to create SCP-384-1's computer, due to certain limitations of synthetic particles of small size, as opposed to the relatively massive "atoms" of SCP-384-1's computer; the only plausible explanation is that SCP-384 comes from a different universe with subtly different physical laws.

When questioned as to its age, it prevaricates extensively, before admitting to 463 years of subjective experience. (See addendum 384-█) These consist mostly of simulated, first-person, games. In comparison to previous "games", SCP-384-1 rates his experience so far as "Pretty good, nice and mellow, but with a surprising lack of nudity."

In addition, SCP-384-1 has an extremely comprehensive library, including extensive historical records, as well as information on advanced technology. Staff are currently in the process of transcribing and screening this information for possible transfer to the commercial arm of the Foundation.

SCP-384-1 has a persistent delusion that the world it is in is a mere simulation, like one of the numerous "games" is has engaged in. Furthermore, it believes that the world is simulated purely for its benefit.

Dr. A████: So, what, we're all computer programs?

SCP-384: Jeez, you didn't have this much trouble when I told you I was a computer program.

Dr. A████: If this is a game, then why were you inserted with knowledge of the outside world?

SCP-384: Admittedly, that's unusual, since it results in metagaming. But it's easier to test the questline when the participant is aware of the game.

Dr. A████: But simulating the entire Earth just to test one game is ludicrous. It'd take a computer the size of the Sun!

SCP-384: No, that was a metaphor. It doesn't simulate everyone on the planet all the time. Heck, it doesn't run more than twenty people at real human-level intelligence at any one time, mostly people I'm talking to, or other quest NPCs. The LOD dropoff is pretty heavy. Outside a hundred kilometer radius of the player, it just does a statistical simulation of large populations. In a city of a thousand, so many are born each year, so many die, stuff like that. As NPCs move closer to the player it'll fabricate memories, then swap them to the cache again when they move away. And you don't have to get too detailed. Say, you're about as high level as it gets, since I'm having a conversation with you. How much do you remember about your life? How old are you? What were your parents' middle names names? What were you doing at 9 AM, August 9th, 1989? Hell, what were you doing last Monday?

Dr. A████: This is preposterous solipsism. Your hypothesis isn't falsifiable, there's no way to test it.

SCP-384: Test it? Hell, do you really expect me to believe this hilarious fantasy universe? These SCPs you've been telling me about. Statues that only move when you're not looking at them? A vending machine that dispenses anything? 211, here, homicidal pieces of paper? And this physics model, man, don't get me started! What the hell are electrons supposed to be?

SCP-384-2 is ███████ ██ ██████ ███████ ██ █████ ██ ███.


SCP-384-1 describes it as "pretty dangerous" and that SCP Foundation personnel "really shouldn't mess with it."

Dr. A████: Now, what about this item here, the uh, [SCP-384-2]?

SCP-384-1: Well, I can't really tell you.

Dr. A████: Should not, will not, or can not?

SCP-384-1: Will not. To certain patterns of input, the human mind is █████ █████.


See Casualty Report CR384-1. Statements by SCP-384-1 regarding SCP-384-2 agree with findings as a result of project THUNDER RED, as well as field tests by ████ as part of project LIGHTNING RED III. Further experimentation on SCP-384-2 has been halted by order of O5-██

An earlier version of this summary described a SCP-384-3. This was in error. SCP-384-3 does not exist.


Addendum 384-H:


Addendum 384-I:


Addendum 384-J:


See classified document SEC384-7 for redacted details.

Addendum 384-K:

SCP-384 was consulted regarding SCP-682. (Its comments are recorded on Document 384-120) During this session, SCP-384 was presented with an improperly redacted summary concerning SCP. When questioned on SCP Foundation policy regarding class D personnel, Dr. B████████, in a violation of the information control policy regarding SCP-384, replied that they were terminated monthly to preserve operational security, and as such, were regarded as expendable.

SCP-384 became agitated, insisting that this was "a gross abrogation of human rights". Dr. B████████ replied that this was necessary, considering the enormous potential scientific value they constituted, and the serious threat most of them pose to the civilized world. SCP-384 indicated that it understood, and that it had also figured out "[who] the bad guys were".

SCP-384 assaulted Dr. B████████ , and breached containment.



SCP-384 was returned to confinement when it was confronted with sufficient anti-armor firepower to destroy it, and with Agent ██████ , who threatened to commit suicide with her sidearm.

82 personnel, all members of the security team, were directly injured by SCP-384 during the containment failure. None were killed. 54 personnel were killed and 412 injured by SCP-███ and SCP-███ as they breached containment as a result of SCP-384 destroying walls in a direct path to the exterior of the facility.

Upon being confined to a cell and provided with power, SCP-384 became non-communicative. Instrumentation indicated that it was consuming power at a rate consistent with previous quiescent states.

SCP-384 has been upgraded to Euclid.

Dr. W███ has been reassigned to SCP-682.

Addendum 384-L:

Explosive collars have been welded around SCP-384's elbow joints, so as to immobilize it in the event of another escape attempt, without damaging its neural net processor.

SCP-384 did not respond.

SCP-384 has been downgraded to Safe.

Addendum 384-M:

SCP-384 was made to view the regular scheduled termination of Class D cohort 39443.

SCP-384 did not respond.

Addendum 384-N:


Addendum 384-O:

SCP-384 was made to view Procedure 110-Montauk.

SCP-384 did not respond.



Addendum 384-W:

Power was shut off to SCP-384. It spoke for the first time in ████ ████, and requested that it be restored. When asked if it would, in turn, begin to cooperate again with the SCP Foundation, it did not respond.

Addendum 384-X:

SCP-384 was made to view SCP-███.


7 personnel were injured, 3 were killed. (See Casualty Report CR███-63)

Due to the loss of human life, Dr. L████ was demoted to Class D.

Addendum 384-Y:

During the daily questionnaire, SCP-384 requested the date. When asked if it would, in turn, begin to cooperate again with the SCP Foundation, it did not respond.

Addendum 384-Z:

During the containment failure of SCP-███, the informational weapon at Site ███, designated for use as last-resort containment of that SCP, due to the inability of mundane weapons to damage the portion of the SCP that protrudes into conventional spacetime, was detonated, resulting in the brain death of all personnel on site, as well as the destruction of several SCPs. (See Incident Report ███████) This has presumably resulted in the deactivation of SCP-384, but as it still refuses it respond, it has not been reclassified to neutralized. It has been moved to Site-███.