Finally, its time had come.

This is essentially a port of cow of doom's node tracker. Obviously there's been some interface modification since we've got a direct line to the e2 database, but he did most of the heavy lifting, and should be lauded for his hard work, pbuh.

This is in beta, and things may change at any moment. To that end, I haven't really messed with any of the data being collected (or much of anything else), so if there's a feature you would like here or something seems off (especially if things are broken!), please let me know. Thanks.

P.S.: Do not sit here and refresh this page constantly. It's not the heaviest page on the site, but it's not exactly the lightest either, okay? I will hunt you down. So just visit it every once in a while, marvel at your greatness, hit "update" to save the new data, and then head back out into the nodegel. Cool? - k

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