You're having a baby? Congratulations! It's your first? Then there are some essential things that you absolutely need before baby comes home and some that you don't.

Hopefully, this writeup will help you determine what you should go out and buy, what to tell others to buy for you, what to wish for from baby showers, and what to borrow.

Note, finally, that some family members may disagree with some of the items on this list. For instance, regarding a bassinet, someone may say to you, "A dresser drawer is fine. The baby doesn't know that he doesn't have a bassinet." Either these people are being coy, and have already bought baby something fancy and it's going to be a pleasant surprise, or they're being serious. If you suspect it's the latter, you might do well to avoid them. That sort of thing isn't necessary. Babies are too precious for games like that. You want to introduce your new baby to people who are going to want to splurge on them.