imperative: the converse of adventive, in the sense of being obligatory in the development of all members of a species; see also adventive.

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In programming languages, imperative is the converse of declarative in the sense of describing actions, sequentially and iteratively combined into algorithms, as opposed to statements that describe the desired results in a generic fashion.

Im*per"a*tive (?), a. [L. imperativus, fr. imperare to command; pref. im- in + parare to make ready, prepare: cf. F. imp'eratif. See Perade, and cf. Empire.]


Expressive of command; containing positive command; authoritatively or absolutely directive; commanding; authoritative; as, imperative orders.

The suit of kings are imperative. Bp. Hall.


Not to be avoided or evaded; obligatory; binding; compulsory; as, an imperative duty or order.

3. Gram.

Expressive of commund, entreaty, advice, or exhortation; as, the imperative mood.


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Im*per"a*tive, n. Gram.

The imperative mood; also, a verb in the imperative mood.


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