"What? 'Zyzzyx'? What the hell could that possibly be?"

Well, my friend, "zyzzyx" is a type of sand wasp named for the sound it makes. Oh, onomatopoeia can be evil sometimes!

Wikipedia, aka, "The Fountain of Knowledge," informs me that "They were first studied in detail by H. Janvier (a.k.a. Claude-Joseph) in 1928," and a Google search leads me to believe that they're native to Chile. (The country, not the pepper - that would be terrifying!)

"Zyzzyx" is also a great word for hangman, crossword puzzles, and any other puzzle or word game in which you are inclined to be evil.  It it imperative, therefore, that you learn this word - if not so that you can use it, so that you can defend against its use.  Very few people expect the word to be half Z.

However, it is not a very good word for Scrabble, seeing as how it does contain three z's, one of the few English words to accomplish this.

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