Every list has something at the end. When it comes to arcade games (assuming you are going in alphabetical order), the thing at the end is this game "Zzyzzyxx".

Released in 1982 by Cinematronics, Zzyzzyxx is based around a concept that many men are familiar with, women who are only made happy by giving them gifts.

Guide your intrepid hero through a maze of moving bricks, armed only with the ability to make even more bricks. Avoid the bad guys, and grab as many presents for Lola as you can. Eventually you will get enough of them, and Lola will whistle, allowing you to move on to the next stage (of your relationship, perhaps), where Lola expects even more gifts.

Cinematronics never designed a dedicated cabinet for this game. It can be found in any of the generic black cabinets of the day (they used several different ones during the production run). No sideart was made, just a control panel overlay, marquee, and two stickers (which were applied to a generic glass monitor bezel). A far cry from the standard floor to ceiling art that decorated most games in the early eighties.

This game uses a unique wiring harness that is not compatible with any other titles, although it could be rigged up in any vertical cabinet with a little work. The only controls it needs are a single button and a joystick capable of moving up and down (the original cabinets used a 2-Way joystick, but 2-Way sticks can be safely replaced with the much cheaper 4-Way and 8-Way sticks that are available today).

This game was retitled as Brix in 1983, and another smaller production run was made (only the title screen and marquee were changed, everything else is the same).

Currently this is one of the cheaper "classic" titles around. This is probably due to the fact that the cabinet was non-descript. So you may be able to add one to your arcade game collection fairly cheaply.

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