Title: Xexyz
Developer: Hudson Soft.
Publisher: Nintendo
Date Published: 1989
Platforms: Nintendo Entertainment System


In 2777, after years of nuclear wars and natural disasters, only a small population and five islands remain. The five islands have joined together to become a peaceful and utopian nation called Xexyz, where humans coexist with faeries and spirits under the hand of King Xeu Star. However, after hundreds of years of peace, a mechanical fortress, Goruza launched an attack on Xexyz. Because they were a peaceful nation, they had no army and very few weapons, and were forced to surrender. Goruza has built mechanical castles on each of the islands and kidnapped their queens. King Xeu Star has been killed and his daugter and heir, Maria Star, is missing. Apollo, a battle-soldier, became frustrated with Goruza, and has donned his space battle suit in an attempt to right Goruza's wrong.


Faeries - These give you information for free along the way.
Spy - These charge 20e for a piece of information.
Sage - These give you a weapon or a spell.
Merchant - Sells weapons or spells.
Ghost - You knock these into treasure boxes and are randomly given a prize (or nothing).
Dealer - These charge 20e for you to choose one of 3 boxes containing up to 100e.
Rich Lady - Gives you 20e.
Captured Faerie - Pays you 40e to rescue her.
Hot Springs Faerie - Pays you to rescue her.
Frog King - Replenishes your life bar for 60e (and 90e, later in the game).
Shopkeeper - Charges 40e to give your weapon a power upgrade.
Demon - Beat him to get a force star (needed to enter mechanic castles).
King Xeu Star - Takes you to the boss.
Queen Cecile - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.
Queen Emilia - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.
Queen Mary - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.
Queen Helena - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.
Queen Esther - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.
Queen Maria Star - Beat a boss to rescue her and she will reward you with a cyborg rider.


Hand Beam - Normal weapon, fires a short distance.
   Power Upgrade: Shot goes farther.
45B Ball - Fires a ball that bounces around at 45 degree angles.
   Power Upgrade: Fires two balls that bounce around at 45 degree angles.
Wave Ball - Fires a ball that can go through things and walls.
   Power Upgrade: Fires two balls that can go through things and walls.
Moon Ball - Surrounds you with an object that shields you and fires lasers.
   Power Upgrade - Surrounds you with two objects that shield you and fire lasers.
Laser - A powerful, rapid-fire laser.
   Power Upgrade - Double laser.


E ball - 1e
E box - 5e
L ball - Heals 1 Life Point
L box - Heals 5 Life Points
P capsule - Makes your shots more powerful
S capsule - Makes you faster.
Foot Wing - Enables you to walk on air by jumping rapidly. Wears off after 3 hits from an enemy.
Mirror - Puts another player on top of you, doubling your attack power.
Typhoon - Makes you invincible for 9 seconds.


Braiza - A red, insect-looking thing with a beak who shoots shots forward. His weakness is his forehead.
Jeliza - A green and blue... thing that shoots flames and shots in 3 directions.He doesn't have any specific weakness.
Stinza - A green and red wrinkly thing with a giant eye who shoots needles and eyes. His weakness is his giant eye.
Megaza - A red thing that looks like a ship with an ant-eater nose who charges at you and shoots debris. He has no specific weakness.
Shelza - A giant green hermit-crab like thing that shoots 3 and 4 shots at a time. His weakness is his face.
Gidoza - A purple and yellow dinosaur bird that shoots double shots and double rays. It has no specific weakness.
Loboza - A giant red lobster-like thing that shooots bubbles. He has no specific weakness.
Jawza - A metallic blue shark that shoots 8 way shots, shoots directly forward or hits with his fins. He has no specific weak place.
Horrza - A green sea-horse looking thing with a gun in its tail and one in its hand with a jet pack. His weakness is his throat.
Cavuza - A blue space-ship/robot looking thing (hey man, I didn't make these up) that shoots 3 way fireballs and rocket arms. He has no specific weakness.
Goruza - The end boss has 3 forms. He starts out as a pair of hands, which shoot fireballs. Then he becomes a dragon-looking thing with a tentacle, and finally he becomes his fortress form. He doesn't have a specific weakness, but I think it's best to use a higher end weapon.


Play bosses on hovercrafts:
Enter BBA1357912 as a password.

Play bosses without hovercrafts:
Enter A2A4A6A8A0 as a password.

Level Passwords
1-1  - 17597 1069B
1-2  - 772FB B469B
1-3  - 58E8B 11F91
2-1  - 361B7 C9185
3-1  - 7955E BFC1E
3-3  - 696B3 BA491
4-1  - C9646 47D1E
5-1  - 5F5A4 90D9B
5-2  - 07A50 8D614
6-1  - 0CB01 5E88F
7-1  - C519D 33814
7-2  - 217B1 5719B
8-1  - 0A21D 2D814
9-1  - 6FD8D C660A
9-2  - 6F769 32C0A
9-3  - 99363 B4585
10-1 - 482F8 B9A1E
11-1 - 34D30 26EOA
12-1 - CA249 BDD85
12-2 - 568A8 E2D85
12-3 - DF44E 0BB00
End - 5C2B5 C8A1E

Game Genie:

Immune to enemy bullets:

Immune to monsters:

Start with 1 life:

Start with 6 lives:

Start with 9 lives:

Unlimited lives:

1 life after continue:

Become a whirlwind on new life:

Start with and keep foot-wing:


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