I agree with imago, ansate, andDMan.

How can that be? To me, Everything is like an interesting conversation. Sometimes I want to listen to a story, Sometimes I want to tell a story. Sometimes I want to listen to a rant, political, social, or otherwise. Sometimes I want to do the ranting.

Sometimes I just don't know what I am going to find. I watch the Random Nodes, and the New Writeups, and I learn something I never knew before.

But, mostly, it is the sense of dialogue that I feel. I have only been here for a few days, but I find that Everything is like the most wonderful person I could ever hope have a conversation with, ready to interest me, offend me, fascinate me--and listen to me.

Like the Whole Earth Catalogue, the Memex, like human thought and memory itself, Everything proceeds by association. And links by accretion.

I keep thinking of the phrase information superhighway, does anyone remember that? This was the dream for the internet originally. But what has replaced that? Ecommerce. No longer the free exchange of conversation, but the buying and selling of things.

When I am away, I think about where I have left off--and where I am going to take it up again.