Episode #509: Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants

Air Date: November 7, 2001
Special Guests: Mohammad Babak, Naush Bout, Vernon Chatman

My synopsis:
  Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny send $4 to needy kids in Afghanistan. In return they get sent a big brown package from Afghanistan(!!!) which turns out to be a goat (not contaminated by the 'thrax). Unfortunately none of the kids can take in the goat so they set out to return it to Afghanistan.

My Review:
  I had pretty much given up on SP as it was getting tired, so it was almost luck I noticed it on the TV guide. I tell ya what, Matt and Trey are BAAACK!. After a techno, sped up intro, we find the kids dealing with the post-911 reality and some dead-on observations about increased security/paranoia.
  M&T manage to recreate a believable war-torn Afghanistan and avoid the CNN fabricated stereotypes. The highlight of the episode is an encounter between Cartman and a foe where they recreate the best Looney Tunes sight gags. This one has to be watched on the VCR with slomo and pauses to play the DYN game. I actually LOLed many times, a rare occurence when I watch TV.
  Had this episode done as a TV movie (90min or so) we would have a great holiday tradition the whole family can enjoy... ;-) This one goes on my short list of Best South Park Episodes Ever.

Major factual info revised and corrected -- that's the last time I node from memory. Honest.

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