This is a quote from The Simpsons by Comic Book Guy. We all know him, love him.

This quote occurs in a section of a Halloween Special episode dubbed Desperately Xeeking Xena, the one with Stretch Dude and Power Girl, and The Collector.

Just after collecting Lucy Lawless (in the costume of Xena, Warrior Princess of course), and placing her in an air-tight plastic bag, to keep her in near-mint condition, The Collector is interrupted by Stretch Dude and Power Girl.

CBG incapacitates them using the only working phaser in existance, created only to keep William Shatner from making another album (brrrrching!). He ties them up over a large vat of boiling lucite so as to kill them and also make them collectibles.

Xena tricks The Collector by feigning attraction for him, beats him up, frees the trapped Simpsons children, and gets ready to kick the bad guy into the lucite. However, he grabs a collectors edition dual light sabre, from Star Wars, The Phantom Menace, and starts to attack them with it. However, by removing it from its original packaging, he took away its collectible status, thus no longer making it a collectible. Xena tells him this and he, appalled by his own stupidity, falls over backwards into the vat of lucite.

He gets out and the lucite starts hardening immediately, as it usually does.

"Lucite...hardening. Must end classic Battlestar Galactica fashion."

::Gets on on knee with left hand reaching into the air::


Lucite hardens and he either dies or starts to suffocate, and eventually dies.

This might be a cool way to die if you did not have to suffocate and be absolutely motionless and helpless.

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