the skate across america:

situated in new york, i randomly decide to skateboard across the entire united states of america. beginning my journey, i skate along the east coast with a destination of texas. on my way, i stop to eat and sleep at various motels who provide me free service as i tell them my story. when i arrive in texas, i visit a nursing home in which my dead grandmother is housed. we talk briefly, and i make my way to california and up the west coast. i find the general demeanor of the people i meet to be pleasant; i even meet a drunk man who tries to smoke a cigarette backwards. i make my way quickly to washington, through canada, reaching my final destination of alaska. visiting the city of anchorage, i again meet several amiable people.

upon arriving home agian, my parents tell me of the flood of phone calls to the house that accompanied my trip. they describe the news coverage, and all the hype brought about by my odd voyage. they are happy that i survived and things quickly return to normal.