Work sucked today and made my big toe hurt. I don't know why. Well, I know why work sucked--there's inventory coming up and we're not ready so everyone's getting their asses kicked. But I don't know why my toe hurts. 'Tis one of the many mysteries of the universe.

Oh yeah, some guy buying Christian books asked me what my pentacle necklace meant. I was pleased that he asked, listened, and didn't contradict with "the truth" (that I worship Satan, of course) or a witnessing speech. It is tolerant and curious Christians like these that make me remember why I love people. In any case I told him that it represents the four elements (earth, air, fire, and water) plus the spirit (the top point) encircled in a working atmosphere of interwoven-ness, or whatever.

I'm always in the middle of a book. I guess that goes with working in a bookstore. Today on my lunch break I was reading Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire. It's pretty weird, though not as intriguing as the other one by him, Wicked. I was told to read Wicked, incidentally, because one of my friends read a story *I* wrote (called "Bad Fairy," which was basically Sleeping Beauty told from the bad fairy Maleficent's point of view) and told me it reminded her of that book. I can totally see what she meant, it almost seems I used the book for inspiration. Except that that is impossible, of course.

At home I'm also reading The Magical Household by Scott Cunningham and David Harrington. So far it's not great but it's interesting enough, all about special things you can do to make your house more magickal (and what people have done throughout history all over the world to guard their homes against evil and make their fortune flourish).

I have a running list of chores that I am supposed to do, one every day so that no part of my house ever gets filthy. I've been doing this for some time. But I am bad about it. Today I am supposed to dust the lamps and the windowsill. I don't want to.

My diet continues; here's today's menu.

1 granola bar: 110 calories

10 baby carrots: 17.5 calories
1 apple: 80 calories
1 plain tortilla (I love these things plain!): 80 calories
1 cup of skim milk: 90 calories

1½ cups salad: 15 calories
1 tablespoon Heinz Ketchup: 40 calories
2 tablespoons lite Miracle Whip: 70 calories
(I'm getting sick of eating this. But it's pretty good. Notice how my dressing TOTALLY defeats the purpose of having salad.)

2/3 cup mixed vegetables: 60 calories
1 scrambled egg: 100 calories
16 Wheat Thins crackers (oohhhh, yummy!): 130 calories
1 orange popsicle!: 60 calories

This equals a total of 852.5 calories, leaving me 174.5 to play with over the course of the day. I might eat more Wheat Thins, or have some fruit juice or my last grapefruit.

I don't seem to be losing weight. At all. Shit.