I fell asleep dreaming about noding. I was in such a hype from my latenight noding that ideas were rushing through my mind. The dream is kind of hazy now, but I remember waking up and thinking that it would have made a mediocre movie. I was going to take the express bus to Manhatten with my Mom. Somehow, a giant waterpark tunnel that was situated on top of the midtown tunnel burst, rendering the tunnel flooded and impassable. I ,however, was already in the city. I had no money and no way of knowing how to locate my mother. I developed a plan to go from bus stop to bus stop in search of her.......Then I awoke. checked the clock and groaned,nodded off. I dreamnt that Craig's neighbor, whom I met one day at the pizza store, was informing me that one of my best friends had gone insane and become a shut in. Hmmmm.... disturbing dreams.