This morning was hectic; I actually had to be out of the house by 6:00 am. All because of a stupid court date I couldn't risk avoiding. I knew that bitch who had me arrested wouldn't show up to the damn thing so my case would be thrown out. (phew!) But if I had blown it off, there would be a warrant out for my arrest, something I can't have in my own city. Warrants for outstanding speeding tickets in distant states are one thing but how long could I expect to avoid the fuzz right here in my own backyard? Right.

So I was at the Cook County building at 7:00am sharp, having waited for the California bus for only a short 5 minutes. I lulled around, stood in monotonous lines, filled out lengthy, redundant forms and sat for hours until my case was finally called. Of course that bitch wasn't there, why should she wake up at the crack of dawn to deal with such things? I suppose she slept easily, knowing that the hell she had already put through over this was enough to satisfy her sadistic twinge. She had probably forgotten all about me by now, it had been months since that fateful night I spent in a freezing cold cell doing jumping jacks in a rayon skirt while she slept soundly under a down comforter, devilishly smiling.

I made it to work by 9:30, only a half hour late. I had told my boss the court dispute had to do with a traffic ticket, not suspecting him to grill me for details when I got in, half triumphant and half asleep.
"The light was yellow", I said and shrugged.
He seemed satisfied.