It's true, antifreeze is not sweet. When I was a mere shorty back in New Jersey, I was playing in my uncle's garage and found a small phial of antifreeze. It looked to me like a straw filled with water so, being a young, curious (dumb) kid, I popped off the rubber cap and sucked in a swig of it.

The fact that it was not sweet was immediately apparent to me. I threw it down because the strong chemical taste took me a little off guard. It also made me realize that what I had just imbibed might not be good for me.

The incredibly bitter taste was what made me shyly enter my aunt and uncle's house and interupt them entertaining guests by holding up the empty straw-like thing and saying, "I just drank this. Is that bad?"

Needless to say, I was rushed to the hospital, had my stomach pumped and was made to puke gallons and gallons to ensure that the toxic substance had completely left my body.

If antifreeze was, in fact, sweet, I might have died that day.