Give me a frosty mug
Filled with A&W
If you got ice cream
Make it a double scoop
Milkshake at the fountain
Really good sounding
Chocolate egg cream
Summertime is cool, the heat is getting old
Yeah I'll get a beverage
Just make sure it's cold
G Love and the Special Sauce

Pop Ice
I don't know why it hadn't occurred to me before to buy a box of them. They had always been the pinnacle freezer occupant for summer months. For a brief time, my ex was trying to quit smoking and we bought a box of a couple hundred; he finished it off in a week's time, then started smoking again a week later.

Five colors, five supposed flavors. Everyone has their way of eating them. I've never been an ice cruncher, so I smoosh them until it's all slush. I snip the end of their wrappers in a semi-circle so I don't cut up the corners of my mouth.

As a kid when I ate them, I pretended that I was an astronaut and this was my main food supply. I'd suck them dry, watching the veins of colored water run along the sides inside the clear plastic wrapper rush to my mouth. If this was how food was packaged on the moon, I could live there.

Some of us may have had those mothers who would make homemade popsicles in the ice cube trays with orange juice or Kool-Aid. Mine was not one of them. She bought all the ice cream I wanted, but I can't remember a time when she brought home a box of these beauties. But it also wasn't nearly as hot in Ocean City, Maryland and it is here in New Orleans

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