A "lunatic cult" created by French journalist Claude Vorilhon (Rael) after his meeting with a four foot tall, olive skinned, almond eyed extraterrestrial with long dark hair. From his meeting, Rael learned that humans were created deliberately through manipulation of DNA by aliens who now wish to regain contact with us.

The Raelians go so far as to say that the Elohim have provided prophets over the years (Buddha, Moses, Jesus, etc...) to educate humanity as it progressed through time. They claim that every major religion was founded by chosen ambassadors of the Elohim.

Either genuine or artificial, an important claim made by Raelians is that the Elohim are not invaders. The Elohim await the construction of an embassy in or about Israel (read: large scale nuclear bomb ..grin..) and open airspace, as they do not wish to disrupt our political and economic stability with an unscheduled landing.

The Raelians claim to be open about membership, and all may come and go as they wish. They are also non-profit, which they define as entirely volunteer based. Apparently, an embassy will eventually be constructed to the specifications of the Elohim.

Raelianism goes hand in hand with support for human cloning. As a central message of the Elohim is that of deliberate Scientific Creationism, the Raelians should have no qualms about cloning. They even claim that cloning is a means of immortality.

Perhaps the least fortunate trait of Raelianism is a belief in geniocracy. More specifically, only individuals with an intellect 10 percent above average should be allowed to vote, while a measured intellectual ability at least 50 percent above average would be required to hold a position in government. Testing alone would be an insurmountable task, but the results could be even more damning. To imagine a world ruled by people like Johannes Kepler and Isaac Newton is grim indeed.

On December 27, 2002, a Raelian-controlled corporation announced that they had produced the first human clone, a seven-pound girl named Eve. Although not much has yet been revealed, Brigitte Boisselier, CEO of Clonaid, has announced a number of key facts about the child.

Clonaid is currently attempting to produce cloned children for four other couples, as well; some are homosexuals while others wish to recreate children of theirs who died young.

Boisselier herself is a "bishop" of the Raelians and refers to Claude Vorilhon (Rael) as her spiritual leader. Clonaid is not lent a great deal of credibility by its origins, since it is arguably a cult corporation; the announcement has been discounted by many, but is still widely believed to the point where it qualifies as national news. It appears that the world will have to just wait and see.

As of today, the DNA verification of Eve was interdicted by Rael.

This is according to Rael as a result of the law suit filed by Bernard Siegel the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida lawyer for custody of Eve and the questionable legal situation in the United States.

Rael ordered Bishop Boisselier not to proceed with the independent verification and instead to do so with the European couple expecting next week, (presumably the Lesbian couple) since the interests of the child were to be put ahead of Clonaids credibility.

CNN quotes Siegel as saying:

"I want the whereabouts of this alleged child to be made public"

¹ CNN: No DNA Test for Baby Eve. Friday, January 3, 2003

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