UNARIUS: UNiversal ARticulate Interdimensional Understanding of Science.

The Unarius Academy of Science is a UFO cult started in 1954 in Los Angeles. It was founded by Ernest L. Norman (1904-1971), a.k.a. Archangel Raphiel and his wife Ruth E. Norman (1900-1993), a.k.a. Archangel Uriel. Please note that the term “UFO cult” is taken to refer to a fringe religion centred around extraterrestrial contact, not necessarily a “cult” in the sense of mind control, social isolation, etc. The term is meant affectionately.

The stated purpose of the Academy is to teach the “connective and higher spiritual understanding of consciousness as an evolutionary mandate attainable by all individuals searching for the meaning of life."

The headquarters of the Academy are in El Cajon, California, near San Diego, but there are centres located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Toronto, Vancouver, England, New Zealand, Nigeria, and Poland as well, with more planned for Spain, Italy, Romania, and the Czech Republic.

The Unarians claim that there are over 500,000 home students of their teachings. This figure is disputed by Adam Parfrey (author of Apocalypse Culture who has studied the group) who estimates a figure of 1,000 or less.

The Unarius Foundation has produced a large amount of literature and videos. I had the good fortune to see one of their videos on public-access cable TV in California, and it was truly a marvel, featuring such great scenes as a conversation between a wise, bald, Space Brother from within his cheap discotheque-like saucer and a primitive earth-man named Zog (or something similar). In addition to 100 or so promotional/educational videos, they have published about 125 texts.

Reincarnation is central to the Unarian belief-system. Members sometimes get together dressed in the original native garb of a past-life planet. Uriel (Ruth Norman) believed that she had lived before as Mary of Bethany, the Buddha, Mona Lisa, Socrates, Benjamin Franklin, Henry VIII, King Arthur, Charlemagne, Confucius, Queen Elizabeth I, Peter the Great, Johannes Kepler, King Poseid of Atlantis, and others, while husband Norman only claimed to have been Jesus Christ, Satan, and Osiris.

As for their other beliefs, they are mostly run-of-the-mill new age variety. Through understanding our past lives we can heal ourselves, as aided by revelations from the Space Brothers channelled through senior Unarians, in preparation for the arrival of the Pleiadians, whence begins the new era of love, peace and understanding, et cetera. At least they are interested in improving, and experiencing, life on Earth, as opposed to more apocalyptic groups like Heaven’s Gate. This new era was scheduled for 2001, presumably this date has since been recalculated.

Really, it’s Unarius’ style that appeals the most. Especially before the 1993 death of Uriel, who previously was a sort of Glenda-the-good-witch-esque (clad in sparkly white dress and tiara) matriarch, surrounded by a cadre of good-looking young California studs.

The curious can easily find out more about Unarius on the web.

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