A somewhat derogatory term roller coaster aficionados give to non-coaster thrill rides at amusement parks. So named because most simply involve spinning or whirling the rider in some predictable fashion, which occasionally induces vomit in those that feel a spin and puke is less threatening than a coaster, but it never works out that way. Traditional spin-and-puke rides include such park mainstays as the Tilt-A-Whirl, the Octopus/Spider, and the Zipper.

One of the more interesting spin and pukes is called the Rotor (or sometimes the Spinning Cylinder of Death or the Hell Hole). Basically, it spins and its centrifugal force presses the riders against the wall. When the riders are firmly affixed to the wall, the floor drops, leaving the riders under no illusion that something other than traditional gravity is keeping them in place. If the ride operator isn't looking cause he's smoking up, many people seeking a St. Peter like end try to rotate their bodies 180 degrees so they're pinned to the wall and riding head down.

If there was one spin and puke that's favored by the heavy metal crowd and the single, unwed teen mother set, it's the Musik Express. It's kind of like a hepped up merry-go-round. It spins at high speeds, backwards, while the riders are loudly serenaded with cuts from Def Leppard and Metallica. With each musical cut, the ride operator shouts into the mic "WHO WANTS TO GO FAAAAASTER?" and then he increases the speed.

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