1:00 a.m.
We set out our clothes like children. We will have a hard enough time as it is, leaving the house at 5:30 a.m., and we are taking care of everything we can in advance.

Avi: 'You're wearing that?'
Me: 'We're going hiking, aren't we? I've got to be comfortable'
Avi: 'Yeah, but you're meeting my friends for the first time. Wear something attractive.'
Me: They're girls, aren't they? Why am I trying to impress them?

3:00 am, Tel Aviv time.
Online, I bring it up for discussion while /msging jeremy. Sexy or comfy? Comfy or sexy? I think it's RIDICULOUS, so does he. But we're thinking, and suddenly there are lightbulbs flashing and bells ringing...he suggests nude hiking...(ack!) So we did a search on google, and got a surprising number of results. People actually do this! There were articles along with pictures of nude hikers. Tips such as 'avoid family trails' and 'use extra sunscreen'.

Boggles the mind.

11:00 am, Carmel, Northern Israel
We heave as we go, breathing. Sun and stones reflect a white heat that shimmers as we climb. When I turn to laugh at Avi struggling, my pack conspires with the slope and bends me double. We develop a rhythm; Left leg up, hand seeks a niche, pull, pant, heave. We are silent in the sun, heavy breathing our only communication. Our eyes convey directions, intentions, painfatigueeuphoria. Branches lash at my hands, your face, their legs, scratched and dusty, we heave, breathe, laugh as we go.

And I decided on the comfy in the end.

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