I was younger, like 15, and living on some sort of commune, my roommates were zot-fot-piq and yossarian. There was a chart hanging in the hallway with the job roster, it was my week for washing dishes but I also had to sweep.

So it was branding day at the cattle ranch but because we hadn't behaved, we had to housetrain the new dogs. I'm not sure what we did wrong, but it involved the laundry. We either forgot to fold it or let it land in the mud when we took it off the line.

Zot-fot-piq gave me one of the new puppies to hold, she was teeny and defenseless. I cuddled her and watched him do the dirty work, he was the one who got us in this mess to start with. He also had to give immunizations which I can't do. I'm no vet.

Things started to get hectic right about then, a fresh load of cattle came in and they wanted me to help with the branding. They shoved a red hot poker in my hand and I gagged, almost fainted but then zot-fot-piq and yossarian came. They managed to talk the foreman into confusion, I know they used the word shlong at least twice. That scared me, I can't imagine them doing that usually, so I figgered I was in a really tight spot.

The man with the tattoo finally relented into letting me go home to share a room with my sister's babies. They started crying and that's what woke me up.