In the movie Brazil, Harry Tuttle was a freelance repairman.  Formerly, he belonged to Central Services, but the excess in bureaucratic procedures got him fed up and decided to go on his own.  This was, of course, illegal, so he was identified as a terrorist with a price on his head.

The movie never explains whether Mr. Tuttle was really responsible for the bombings, but it was him the Ministry was looking for when a literal bug in the system caused poor Mr. Buttle to be arrested and die during the process of Information Retrieval.  Given that he was innocent and Ministry standard procedure was to make guilty parties pay for their interrogation and trial, Mrs. Buttle was entitled a refund, which our hero Sam Lowry tried to deliver and set in motion the events that would lead to his downfall.

We only meet Harry Tuttle three times in the movie.  The first time, he intercepts a phone call from Sam to Central Services to repair his air conditioner and shows up to quickly (and illegally) bypass the problem.  The second time, he arrives to see Sam distressed at the sight of his apartment plumbing hanging from the ceiling when the real Central Services personnel find out about the bypass.

The third time was in a dream sequence.  Sam had been captured by the Ministry and during the interrogation loses his mind and imagines a rescue being led by Harry who would, later on, be caught in a paper stormBureaucracy had the last laugh on poor Harry, at least in Sam's mind.  We never find out what really happened to him.

Semi-interesting writeup trivia: this was my first writeup.  It consisted of merely two lines and was quickly downvoted.  Fortunately, I was not only downvoted, but was given the reason as to why.  As an act of contrition (twelve writeups later) I decided to re-write my take on Harry Tuttle.  The original writeup follows (just for reference):

As far as I recall (from the director's cut), Harry dissapearing in a storm of paper was part of Sam Lowry fantasy of being rescued.

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