A cheese-beast, such as a cow or goat.

I assume that the creator of this former nodeshell was making a reference to a bête noire, a black beast.

This nodeshell rescued (as it were) by an independent rescuer who thinks he's Harry Tuttle.

Maybe I missed the humor in Sylvar's text*, but a cheese-beast would be, in French, une bête à fromage. Here the subject is fromage, not bête, which is only an adjective (the "un" shows that, as in un fromage, instead of une, as in une bête).

According to the (lack of) context, I assume here that un bête fromage means "a stupid cheese" or "a simple cheese (just like any other one)".

To me, all cheeses are stupid anyway, and more or less similary simple.

Un bête fromage, c'est bête comme choux**.

* In this case, someone, please, spank me

** A simple cheese, it's as stupid as cabbage

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