New York City. It's the city that never sleeps. But also, it's the city where the women never sleep with YOU. Any guy who has spent any decent amount of time inside this wonderful metropolis would attest to this assertion: it's damn hard to get laid in New York (unless you're a millionaire).

What? How can this be? How can I say such a thing? Am I some sort of a psychopath or utter troglodyte? Well, if you are somehow offended by that statement or disagree with it, please hear me out before shutting off your brain and/or navigating to another node.

Okay, first off, let me qualify the above statement: In any other city in America, if you are an average-to-good-looking guy in his 20's or early 30's, who is responsible, has a job and a stable income, is healthy, normal, and doesn't have any major personality or other types of disorder, it shouldn't be a problem to find a sex partner. In fact, if you are on the good-looking side of the spectrum, women should be figuratively beating a path to your door to fuck you. Good for them! And, probably, good for you too! (Unless you are a gay dude, then it can get annoying I suppose). However, in New York, this is *not* the case! In fact, it's really hard to get laid here. It's like pulling teeth. And the girls that are willing to fuck you are probably sub-par.

The reason is simple: All the hot chicks are looking for a millionaire. It's true.

Okay, maybe not a millionaire, but they are definitely looking for some amazing super-hero of a guy. And they will probably find him sooner or later (or so they think).

The problem with New York, fundamentally is two-fold:

(1) Women get hit-on CONSTANTLY in New York

New York women get hit on a LOT by a small subset of men. Especially if they are even mildly sexy.

It's not clear why this is, but it's definitely true. It could be because of the population density or large number of utter hornball players and assorted nutjobs that end up here. But women are constantly being harassed and/or flirted-with by a small subset of the guys here in New York.

This has two effects: They become immune to come-ons, and they also get overly-large egos. When you get hit on at least a few times a day, it's hard not to think a lot of yourself.

Getting hit on constantly also makes them bulletproof -- they have a skin so thick you need to be REALLY smoothe to get under it. Cassanova himself probably has trouble smoothe-talking his way into a date with a New York woman. Forget about him getting any sex. That's like winning the lottery.

(2) There are too many really, really 'amazing' guys to compete with.

There are a lot of really rich celebrities, Wall street types, sports stars, business tycoons, and other assorted nietzschean ubermensches in New York.

All these guys are visible or at least in the public consciousness, and thus every guy that isn't some sort of superhero seems like a poor catch to a woman.

The reasoning to a woman goes something like: "Why should I go out with this relatively normal guy? I mean, he's cute and all, but here in New York he's a dime a dozen. Get me one of those Wall street millionaires. I know they are around because I saw one the other day getting out of a limo and wearing a $3000 designer suit. I mean, why go out with this 'loser' when maybe I can get a guy like that? I would be selling myself short, I would!"

The moral of the story:

If you're a guy who has a girlfriend or wife, and you live in New York, then hang on to her. Appreciate her. She's a woman that has been able to overcome the above obstacles and appreciate you as a person and, quite importantly, give you sex. Treasure her and don't screw it up or else it could be many a lonely night spent making love to your hand for you!


I'm not an ugly mofo or anything. I don't have simple chronic halitosis, nor am I fat, acne-covered, or otherwise undesirable. Nope. I am actually a pretty good-looking guy who under normal circumstances should have more poontang than he knows what to do with. However, I live in New York, and thus the little bit that women do give me I savor and cherish. It sucks, but as Winston said about New York in the film Ghostbusters: "I love this town!!!"