Quite a scathing, yet somewhat humorous, retort to lengthy, self-indulgent rants that serve the sole purpose of letting the audience know how pathetic the author's life is. Useful as a message board reply, or even a mean-spirited soft-link for those of you who use that technique as your means of communication with other noders.

My girlfriend left me and she kick my dog! Why does life suck so bad? Goodbye, cruel world, you were never mine anyway. I look back on it all and see how stupid I was, dumb whore never deserved me anyhow. I should have known, from the time she showed up on our first date two hours late, and then she couldn't stop talking about her stupid cat...and her Macintosh...fuck Apple! Fuck life! Fuck you!

damn....someone call the waaaambulance. He may need it, sounds like the kid's gonna go home and hang himself with a bungee cord.

Simple and succinct, the way it ought to be.

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