curling myself into the keys here to find you again. i slid the tips of my fingers along your back before you left and i remember how you told me my eyes were leaking.

it's that i can watch the sun rise and fall.. i can almost touch the moon some nights.. i still feel empty.

i let myself listen to these radio songs.

standing there turning a circle watching for faces you're walking away turning your head to see if i am still standing there and of course i am (crawling into my own self trying to hold my heart together) i am alone.

it's that there is this painful lump in my throat.

i remember how it feels to be next to you.

it is that i swallow so much air while i am eating when my stomach is clenched this tightly. i wonder why life has to test you like this, some days.. why do i need to know just how much i can feel this way? in the car alone i thought of a million beautiful things and loved my brain into a mush.

i'll sing for you, if you want me to..

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