Have you ever been out somewhere, otherwise having a good time, and been annoyed by that one person who just *HAS* to have your phone number, and won't take no for an answer?

Well, then this writeup is for you.

The Rejection Hotline was started by Jeff Goldblatt in Atlanta in 2001. It was conceived upon watching a young, attractive blonde being harrassed by a slightly-less-than-attractive middle-aged man, who was shot down in a very humiliating fashion by the aforementioned blonde. Jeff then decided that it would be a service to both the rejector and the rejectee to facilitate a method for brutally shooting down potential suitors that didn't involve public embarrassment.

The concept is quite simple. You obviously don't want to give the offending suitor your real number, and the quickest way to get them to go away is to make them think that they got what they want, so you give them one of the 30 or so numbers for The Rejection Hotline. Upon calling that number, they are presented with an unmistakable (and quite harsh) message describing what the number is, why they have reached it, and the reasons that they were given this number instead of the phone number for the object of their affections.

The message goes something like this, although it may have changed recently:

"Thank you for calling the Rejection Hotline. You were given this number because you are too fat, ugly, stupid, smelly, annoying, loud, or socially inept to have been given a real phone number. This is not a mistake. You were not given the wrong number. You have been rejected. Thank you for calling the Rejection Hotline, and have a wonderful day."

If you would like to hear the Rejection Hotline, you can call 303-607-7527, which is their Denver number.

I can't believe this was only invented a few years ago... It is just too brilliant.


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