The full reality of this hit me in late '97. I am not an attractive man, however I am not an unattractive man either. I have some attractive qualities, however they are balanced with some unattraactive ones. I am the prime example of average. Some women do find me attractive, however they are matched by those who find me repulsive, the majority however are indifferent.

Keep in mind that this is a physical evaluation, this has noting to do with strength of character, personality or some other such intangible and unmesurable feature.

The life of an average looking man is one of duality. It is a state of equilibrium. If I am silent I go unnoticed, if I am vocal I draw all attention. My actions, thoughts and words do so much more to define me.

People with extreme appearances always wish not to be judged on those appearances, however do they truly know the burden of being average. When you know that your appearance says nothing about you? Every word, every action must be thought out because it is by those alone that one is judged.

It's a lot of pressure.

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