I wanted to visit my sister over Labor Day weekend. A short visit. Catch up a little. So on the way up, my fine automobile decides she will make the trip interesting. She blows her little spark plug. She blows it so hard it dents my hood! we are stuck in a field of windmills.

So we call for a tow truck. We are over an hour from my sister’s house and her husband is kind enough to come and get us. At the tow truck's shop we get our questions answered: Can you fix it? Yes. Can you fix it today? No. How much will it be? Prolly 700 bucks. Will you buy the thing? Yes. How much? 300 bucks. What's the car worth? 1500 bucks. *sigh*

So here we are. We leave the car with instructions to call with an estimate. We are reckoning we will sell it. In the meantime, we're stuck 400 miles from home.

So we are taken to the sister’s house to unwind a bit. Her children sure are great. We all talk and play and eat and we sleep like logs that night.

Next day we try to find a car to rent. Holiday. There are none to be had. It's come to the final option. We will buy a new car. We've been discussing this for some time so it's not such a big deal. So we go and we find what we want and we buy it. YAY!

The rest of the weekend is fun, if short. The car business has taken up most of the time so we have a nice evening and go home the next morning. It's a lovely drive, smooth... until...

A man drives next to us, honking. The car is smoking. A lot. We pull over again and open the hood. There issmoke and a bad smell and a belt is missing. it's weird, but we are sick of this crap and we get in and drive home anyway. Next day the car dies for good a block away from the neighborhood dealership.

The A/C compressor had frozen up. A freak malfunction and it was fixed within a week. We got a loaner car and everything is okay now. Except I have this nagging need to visit my sister...