"The Movie" is a subtitle (sometimes implict) found in many movies that are based on something that was not hooplated by the said movie - for example, the movie is based on some earlier-released/started cartoon or TV series or, good heavens, a video game.

Examples: Super Mario Bros.: The Movie, Pikachu The Movie (part of Mew vs. Mewtwo)...

In my opinion, this is just one marketing thing that I don't understand after some pondering... "So, duh, this is a movie. Well, what else is it?"

Similiar thing exists for soundtracks too. The MAD Magazine, I think, had the following suggested label for a CD: "This album has a subtitle 'The Soundtrack', just in case you're an idiot and thought this was the movie."

I'm glad this is most often used just ironically (e.g., see "Nine Inch Nails: The Movie") and the movie industry has bothered to think of better subtitles for most movies that, at some part, carried this dreadful work subtitle. It's godawfully infuriating to see a movie with a subtitle that insults everyone's intelligence. =)

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