SEGA of America's add-on peripheral to bring the Sega Genesis/Sega Mega Drive into the 32-bit era. Originally conceived as an upgrade path between the Genesis/Mega drive + Sega CD combination and the upcoming SEGA Saturn, SEGA of America, who developed the console, decided this was not feasible, and planned to release it as a stand alone system. It featured 2 hitachi SH2 processors (The SEGA Saturn used the downward compatible SH1) and 4Mbits (thats 512k) RAM.

The 32X launched without any games to play on it. That was a predictor of things to come. in the end, only 31 cartriges and 5 CDs were ever produced for this system. many of them were very good, however, and can be had cheaply in the used market.

the author reccomends:


Space harrier


Virtua Fighter

Shadow Squadron


Knuckles Chaotix

Spider Man: Web of Fire (incidentally, the last game released)

avoid at all costs:

Doom(after playing the PC version, you can't go back to this washed out non full screen version)

night trap(CD)(the best version of night trap. of course, thats like saying 'the most comfortable unanesthetized root canal with a dull butter knife ever')

Also, it should be noted, the 32x is the last of the long line of SEGA stacked consoles - the 32X was an extension of the Genesis/Mega Drive, which was an extension of the Master System/Mark III, which was an extension of the SC-3000, which was an extension of the SG-1000. with the right Adaptor, you can play SG-1000 games on your 32X.the SEGA Saturn started a new lineage.