Portable version of the Sega Genesis. Accepts 6 AA batteries that don't last very long. Also holds the title of the second 16-bit home system-turned-portable after the NEC TurboExpress (well, sort of...the TurboExpress had 16-bit graphics at least). You can't use a Sega CD or 32X with it, but you can still hook it up to the TV if you desire. The Nomad is rather hard to find becase it was released at the beginning of the Genesis' end and because everybody wants one now.

The Sega Genesis Nomad was released in 1995 with an MSRP of $199, but was only available in Japan and North America - it was never released in Europe. A little bit larger than the Game Gear, it could play most Genesis games and could accept additional controllers to allow multiple players - as long as Player 1 used the Nomad's buttons. The system had 136kb of RAM and the integrated backlit LCD screen could produce 512 colors at a 320x224 resolution; direct sound mono but the headphone jack was 10-channel stereo. Those 6 AA batteries reportedly lasted for three continuous hours of gameplay, but Sega itself recommended the use of an AC adapter because of its extreme power needs. The system's high price kept it from doing well in stores, so production ended in 1998.

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