The Sega Neptune was a video game console that consisted of a merging of hardware from the Sega Genesis and the 32X in a single case that was scheduled to be released in 1995. Only one working Sega Neptune ever existed; it's a prototype unit currently stored at Sega's Japanese facilities. One would hope that it still sees some play from time to time, but that's just the nostalgic gamer in me talking.

The whole reason Sega wanted to sell the Neptune in the first place was to hook those people who didn't have a Sega Genesis, but wanted to get in on the Genesis + 32X gaming generation. Buying a new Genesis plus a 32X and then some games was a large initial investment, one that many new gamers weren't prepared to take. The Neptune was to be all of the hardware in a Sega Genesis and a 32X combined in one unit. The hybid unit would be cheaper than buying both systems seperately, but still a little more expensive than buying just the Genesis. This approach made sense. Imagine the sales pitch... "Sure, you can get the Sega Genesis for $X, but for $X+50 you can get the Neptune which has more power, costs the same as a Sega Genesis and a 32X for $X+100!"

If the 32X had taken off and become a sensation, Sega would probably have gone ahead with the unit. Instead the 32X died a slow, painful, embarassing death, dragging the Neptune down with it while it whithered on the vine.

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