So it's pretty funny 'cuz like I really like R.E.M., and so does dem bones, and before you know it we're talking, and after a while sensei says something like Ack wheeze pbfhffft-CHOO and then all of a sudden I'm pretty much covered with nodegel, or at least I think it's nodegel. In the storybooks, they assure me, it will be nodegel. And then one of them says, dude, we're really sorry about that, can we at least make you an editor or something?

So I said, "sure".

And then, like a giddy twelve year old playing DOOM for the first time, I strapped on my big editorial gun and went wandering around looking for things to kill. The sad thing is, all I found is a bunch of candy-assed crap by old E1 and fled users, and none of it shot back.

Killed the following writeups by (somewhat appropriately-named) fled user bs:

The following have been parted from user scjody (from E1; never logged in)

All of these from user PetVirus were sterilized. If you put them all together and did a little work you could maybe make a daylog out of it:

  • fuck me upsidedown like a pig "The best phrase said by my friend jen". I almost left this because I had to pause for at least a minute to consider if the concept made sense or not.
  • my friend tara: Apparently she is an excelent (sic) artist.
  • Meat Beater: "One time tara found a meat tenderizer in the sink and asked 'mom why is there a meat beater in the sink?' and then her and nicole started to make up different names for that." There's something a little profound in that first part, but I don't think that's what old PetVirus was driving at.
  • my friend jen "she is so goofy. i love it. she says fuck me upside down like a pig sometimes..." Is the big picture coming together for you now? God, it's like Faulkner.
  • 539223 his icq number, for all to behold
  • punched a very large hole in my wall: several full sentences here, but no content.

All of these writeups by afree have been liquified:

  • noding while drunk. Self-explanatory, really.
  • DELETE ALL EVERYTHING SLACKERS! Apparently if we don't node something in two weeks time, we have to go.
  • diskette "The feminists' disk (disc). Boy, they're square." The only writeup there, which is really embarassing, don't you think? Here we are an army of geeks and not and "diskette" is a nodeshell... (Update: erbo has apparently read this, and has done an outstanding rescue. Bravo.)
  • afree87: Apparently this was to be "the logical next step after xfree86", but no explanation why.

So, that was fun. But I'm going to be on a trip for a couple of weeks, so no more gardening for me until I get back. Hey do I get paid vacation?

Oh, and I cooled A.E. Housman. Three nice writeups in a row, each with a poetry sample.