Sanity may have been recovered today at 10:00am BST but I'm not sure yet

...I looked up at the big clock on the city hall, having just departed from school and saw that it read 10:00 and suddenly felt free. “So what?", I here you saying, you had a free period so you went in to the shops to buy some guitar strings. The feeling was, however, short lived, as the more I looked around me at the shops and the people in their jobs and the more I thought back to the Sociology lesson on Marxism I had just had, the more I realised a wasn't free. However, it seemed to last just long enough to tip the balance in my back mind towards its usual state of quiet contentment. This was most definitely a good thing because as my last day log demonstrated, I have not been a happy bunny.

...Another thing that has made me happy today is my discovery of the upcoming performance of Stewart Lee at the Norwich Arts Centre. He is a very funny man and along with Richard Herrin made the hilarious, “Lea and Herrin’s with Richard not Judy” on BBC 2.

Reasons to be cheerful: Comedy is comming to town.

Reasons not to be cheerful: He's not bringing his friend.