I'm rather bemused over the fact that my journal writeups are getting better reputations than the nodes I actually think up on my own. I'm not sure if I should feel flattered or insulted. Honestly, I'm just really amused. Perhaps my brain works better in stream of consciousness mode than it does when I actually try and think (there's irony in there, I just know it).

Spent another day in paradise, but at least I was making time and a half since it was a holiday. Everyone working at our store had been up really late the night before. We all were pretty cracked out and goofy, and we peobably scared a few customers away, but what the hell. It's a holiday, and if I'm gonna work, I'm gonna have fun.

I'm tired. It's probably due to the fact that I'm staying up way to late just so I can throw a few more nodes onto this site. Too much is never enough, it seems. I actually managed to escape for a little while and went out to see The Crew with my best friend, Kristina. Funny movie. I think I actually enjoyed Burt Reynolds for the first time since {Cannonball Run]. Richard Dreyfus was darn clever, even if we did have to watch him take a piss...twice.