I am TallRoo (hi tallroo) and I am an Editor. I won't list kills requested by the user (e.g. nuke requests) here. Thanks to Mr Klaproth, everyone gets a message with a reason for the kill. Sometimes I might show that reason here as well.

Thu 2nd August

General tidying up. You will remember from previous logs that I am removing URL nodes. Why? well, here's why you shouldn't use a URL as a node title so please stop noding websites.

Fri 3rd Aug

Sun 5th Aug

Noding on a Sunday night. How sad.

Wed 8th Aug

  • * Creep (Radiohead) (thing) by JeffMagnus - please Don't Namespace Your Lyrics, folks.
  • Sat 11 Aug

    • * What's on my Desk? (place) by uli (mercifully) - horribly GTKY. Even ended with the line "Feel free to add your own write-up"

    Mon 13 Aug

    This week I am working in San Francisco. Miss me.

    Tue 21 Aug

    Tue 28 Aug

    • * SP/DIF (thing) by dexmon - we already have S/PDIF the more correct spelling. Actually, we also have S-PDIF, which is used interchangably, but I asked Boldra to move to S/PDIF.

    * = nodeshell destruction request too.
    As an Everything2 Rookie Editor, it is going to take me a while to learn my way around this place and find where all the cleaning supplies and dumpsters are located. After doing a few "daily" Editor Logs, I realized that I would prefer to keep the sheer number of these logs to a minimum. This looks like a good place to store the bodies.

    Nodes Of The Damned

    August 23, 2001

    • citric acid by Tomato Ketchup (mercifully)
      Subsequent superior writeup by ueni incorporated the sparse data from this writeup.
    • asymmetric by BabyHamel
      A two-line writeup advertising a web site.
    • My reefer ain't working by village_idiot
      A glib wisecrack about heating marijuana to activate the THC. The top writeup isn't about drug use.
    • I've Got Your Appalachian Aftermath... RIGHT HERE. by Kenata
      -5 rep (after I voted it up), did not contribute to the node in any meaningful way.
    August 24-25, 2001
    • Swamp Gas by slide node_id=1103606 (mercifully)
      This was a duplicate writeup with no parent node - very strange.
    • tall girl fan club by synx node_id=1145043 (mercifully)
    • The most important thing about assembling your first computer by Monkeylover node_id=1145035 (mercifully)
      This writeup belonged in a daylog. I asked the noder to repost it there.
    • straight man by mblase node_id=713938 (mercifully) (by request)
    • People? by everyone node_id=589490 (mercifully)
      mblase asked for this, which I would probably have ignored but for the fact that the writeup really was useless.
    • E2 Nuke Request by Bane node_id=1145078 (mercifully)
    • Reputation: 100 by some guy node_id=1145212 (mercifully)
      some guy just noding for numbers. *sigh*
    • A penis is not a precision instrument by Nihilanth node_id=1145272 (mercifully)
    • Olduvai Gorge by olmanrvr node_id=1031129 (mercifully)
      Cut-and-paste writeups will die
    • E2 Nuke Request by cethiesus node_id=1145423 (mercifully)
    • Georgian by Segnbora-t node_id=398990 (mercifully) (by request)
    • Robert Plant by Segnbora-t node_id=405121 (mercifully) (by request)
    • E2 Nuke Request by Segnbora-t node_id=1145532 (mercifully)
    • 1864 by liveforever node_id=938244 (mercifully) (by request)
    • E2 Nuke Request by liveforever node_id=1145639 (mercifully)
    • cuckoo's egg by Christopher Vo node_id=1143732 (mercifully) (by request)
    • E2 Nuke Request by Christopher Vo node_id=1145663 (mercifully)
    • TMBG by bs node_id=14214
      Content duplicated verbatim under They Might Be Giants by same noder
    • "out" everythingians by Ryan Dallion node_id=1145715 (mercifully)
      I added his info to nine9's writeup
    • Kurt Vonnegut by juliao node_id=905882 (mercifully)
      juliao intentionally created this node when she already knew that Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. existed. I should have nuked this with penalty.
    • E2 Nuke Request by jaubertmoniker node_id=1145616 (mercifully)
    • buzzing by PortalCell node_id=1145749 (mercifully) (by request)
    • E2 Nuke Request by PortalCell node_id=1145759 (mercifully)
    • Jabberwock by jandradt node_id=1145760 (mercifully)
      Full text already noded under Jabberwocky
    August 26-27, 2001
    • Macintosh Error 81 (dsBadSANEopcode) (idea) node_id=1145796 by Slide (mercifully)
    • Why Spy Satellites Can't Read Your License Plate (idea) node_id=1145815 by MasterOfDisaster
    • Why Spy Satellites Can't Read Your License Plate (idea) node_id=1029486 by bad oyster
    • gun control (idea) node_id=1145852 by Shanoyu
      dem bones says "no more writeups in this node"
    • Instrument of Surrender (thing) node_id=1145853 by The Desert Fox (mercifully) (by request)
    • Beer Pong (idea) node_id=587008 by setantae (mercifully)
    • 5th grade (idea) node_id=158547 by msjae (mercifully)
    • 5th grade (idea) node_id=1145874 by NotMe (mercifully)
    • Ok, here's the thing, please don't fucking do this. (idea) node_id=1145911 by NotMe
    • fanzine (thing) node_id=1145931 by uberalles (mercifully)
    • MaximumRocknroll (thing) node_id=1145935 by uberalles (mercifully)
    • dung beetle (thing) node_id=1145950 by maxlittlemore (mercifully)
      This belonged in a daylog. Advised the noder to repost it there.
    • intellectually drop dead gorgeous (idea) node_id=50442 by Maximillian (mercifully)
    • intellectually drop dead gorgeous (idea) node_id=410283 by davecul (mercifully)
    • August 24, 2001 (idea) node_id=1144725 by karmaflux (mercifully) (by request)
    • E2 Nuke Request (place) node_id=1146309 by karmaflux (mercifully)
    • Read Me First: Getting Started on E2 (thing) node_id=1146497 by Simple
    • Bordom (thing) node_id=1146502 by Simple
    • EverQuest (idea) node_id=1146506 by Simple
    • bingo (idea) node_id=574454 by 314159265 (mercifully)
    • Barenaked Ladies (person) node_id=15777 by jmurray (mercifully)
    • 1492 (idea) node_id=74781 by dreznik (mercifully)
    • calling in gay to work (idea) node_id=1146945 by Error404
    • Editor Log: August 24, 2001 (thing) node_id=1145101 by panamaus (mercifully)
    • Editor Log: August 27, 2001 (idea) node_id=1146480 by panamaus (mercifully)
    • Editor Log: August 23, 2001 (thing) node_id=1144507 by panamaus (mercifully)
    August 28, 2001
    • 10 reasons why I never come up with 10 reasons lists (idea) node_id=1147254 by Spacekow (mercifully)
    • Johnny Cash (person) node_id=106639 by countzero (mercifully)
    • May 29, 2001 (person) node_id=1063277 by panamaus (mercifully)
    • Excel Saga - Weird Love Game - New Game (thing) node_id=949608 by atesh (mercifully) (by request)
    • Tips for geeks trying to pick up girls (idea) node_id=1147345 by Glowing_Orb (mercifully)
    August 29-31, 2001
    • what he said in his sleep (idea) node_id=1147676 by Sard (mercifully)
    • Jesse Helms Quotes (idea) node_id=1146903 by panamaus (mercifully)
    • fcuk (thing) node_id=471609 by Spydr (mercifully)
      it's not a bad writeup, but it was superseded
    • fcuk (thing) node_id=505218 by asqui (mercifully)
      it's not a bad writeup, but it was superseded
    • that song (idea) node_id=1119051 by Devon_Hart (mercifully) (by request)
    • Dream Log: August 7, 2001 (idea) node_id=1132116 by Devon_Hart (mercifully) (by request)
    • Lucy (person) node=id=1124270 by Devon_Hart (mercifully) (by request)
    • Are you a black belt? (idea) node_id=1077318 by Devon_Hart (mercifully) (by request)
    • Women who love women (thing) node_id=1149527 by HerMan (mercifully)
      Cut-and-paste writeups will die
    • Hearst Castle (place) node_id=482016 by bitter_engineer (mercifully)
      Klaproth: it's not a bad writeup, but its content has been superseded by later writeups
    Well, now that I have cut my teeth on this "Editor Log" business, here's my policy for Editor Log: September 2001...
    • No more mentions of requested nukes (why bother?)
    • I will endeavor to include Klaproth messages (where applicable) beneath all line items
    • I will try to exercise more restraint in not nuking those "questionable" writeups that raise my hackles but which are otherwise viewed as possibly acceptable by other Editors and gods
    We'll see how well I do.

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