A phrase I heard many times while I was in Australia. Although they speak english, their everyday language is so much different than American's. For example:

  1. aluminum is aluminium

  2. They say "you reckon" a lot

  3. R's in the middle of words are often silent, so Carnarvon become Canavon.

  4. You wouldn't root for your hometown team unless you were a slut. Root is a slang term similar to fuck, in the sexual sense.

  5. Anyone can call you love

  6. Gimp is not a derogatory term for someone who is handicapped; it is something like an S&M slave.

  7. They'll laugh at you if you refer to someone who is rich as having all kinds of money. They would say heaps of money.

  8. Like in Britain, french fries are chips.

  9. Coffee with milk is a white coffee.

  10. Your friends are your mates.

  11. A cooler is an esky (or is it eskie).

  12. You don't put gas in your car; it's petrol.

Just as an fyi, Foster's isn't really Australian for beer. In Queensland, they drink a lot of XXXX.

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