New people here would significantly improve their experience here (especially in the beginning), if they would only take the time to RTFM.

I can only assume new arrivals have read some of the nodes here, or why join? But if they have, why don't they notice stuff about the way wu's are posted? Don't they see that every wu has line breaks, subheads, hard links, and such?

If so, why are most first posts so poorly done? Don't the writers see that what they are about to add to our database doesn't look like what is already there?

Maybe they think that's our job. Maybe they think all they have to do is dump their stream of consciousness on the site and one of us industrious editors will format it and add links.

It can't be that they don't care, because anyone driven by the muse enough to put their words into the public eye must care. Even if all they care about is their work, don't they want it to be well received?

I feel bad when I send a welcome to a newbie and have to kill their first wu that same day. Why don't they read (or even skim) the links to the E2 FAQ and the perfect node I provide when I greet them?