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(BTW, the costume I am wearing in the picture won "Best of Show" at the 2011 Big Apple Comic Con.)

I love having written, but I could forgo the writing process completely.

I used to be a content editor on this fine site as well as a professional editor for other publications. In the recent past I used to be Editor-in-Chief of ECN (Electronic Components News) at Advantage Business Media ( The site was named a "Top 10 Media Site" by BtB Business Media Magazine in June 2011). I was also the editorial director of Wireless Design & Develpment and Medical Design Technology.

Before that I was executive editor at Electronic Products magazine, a trade publication for electronic design engineers, and the mentor for, an online community for engineering students as a spinoff. I also used to blog for Dvorak Uncensored, and have a long-unupdated online tech site at I'm currently the editorial director for a power electronics design publication (

I was born in '61, and joined the Army at 17. I eventually wound up in Germany as an EW SIGINT analyst freezing my butt off observing the Soviets on the other side of the East/West German border. The job was actually pretty cool (no pun intended) and the twin aspects of electronics (radio intercept) and writing (intelligence reports) formed the core of my current career. I liked the non-freezing parts of Europe so much I stayed an additional 15 years on my own after I got out of the service in "83.

During my time in Europe, I spent 12 of those years as a salesman to earn my bread while writing freelance articles until I could make the jump to hyperspace and get a full-time editor gig. (I was actually pretty good at selling, and at one point was the sales manager for Anheuser-Busch's distributor to the military market in Europe (we also handled Gallo wine, Grant's scotch, and 7up, among others.) this contributed to my divorce.)

I returned to the US in '97.

I love my daughters Xenia and Alexa and try and live every day with as much passion as I can muster (with varying mileage depending upon weather and road conditions).

Check out my book! There's a preview so you can check it out before downloading the whole thing.

CYBERCHILD is a techno-thriller that deals with real-world issues and developing technologies such as micro-electromechanical systems, animal research, terrorism, politics, and advanced weaponry. You can buy it at Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble.

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