You've been selected (by virtue of a - your geographical location and b - how much you are loved) to be a member of that most venerable of groups, the New York Noder Voting Block. Put that in your crack pipe and smoke it.

But here's the catch: this group isn't for the kiddies. The list is for organizing only. You want to get together, maybe go drinking till dawn? Tell the list. It's your birthday and you can't stand the idea of getting older without a noder by your side? Tell the list. You've got a joke too funny to keep to yourself? Don't tell it to the list. Our inboxes are flooded as it is - keep the injokes private. The list is a tool, not a playground.

You want off the list? Tell Jack. Know someone who wants on the list? Tell Jack.

And, as ever, be loving and be cool.

Venerable members of this group:

Jack, yossarian, Jennifer, duckrabbit, GangstaFeelsGood, Loon, nocodeforparanoia, Chris-O, LadySun, jaybonci@, deeahblita, Crux, Metacognizant, Mr. Hotel, QXZ, Walter, beigs, ailie, Hatshepsut, Freddo, yru, NewBoy, Giosue, FoxtrotJuliet, N-Wing, cahla, DejaMorgana, randir, brassmule, momomom, Chras4, Matthew, qousqous, QuietLight, tokki, smartalix, fb10101, indigoe, doyle, crewgrrl, knile, Siobhan, nasreddin, Angela, donfreenut, dagnyswaggart
This group of 46 members is led by Jack