pug·gle (pŭg'gle) noun

The Puggle is a relatively new small cross breed (usually) of a female beagle to a male pug, though it can be the other way around. The result is a short-haired hound with a curly tail and drooping ears. Full of energy and affection, Puggles are affectionate and playful, though they also enjoy their rest. These dogs are sweet tempered, very social, and intelligent. They are not hyper or insecure. The Puggle is low maintenance (though routine nail clipping and ear cleaning is important) and is very easy to train with commands such as sit, stay, fetch, roll over, and come. They are fairly small in size growing to be 14 to 25 pounds and around 13 to 15 inches at the shoulder. Their short-haired smooth coat can be black, tan, fawn, and white with a black mask.

Puggles are great family friendly dogs as they get along great with other dogs, as well as pets and children. They enjoy both going on walks and cuddling next to you. Puggles are very eager to please their owner(s).

A Puggle is also a baby echidna.

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