I'm used to the white padded walls by now. I'm worried it will get too cold here though. "My friend" says I can move into a different room, but you know he wants it for himself. You know he does. At least I know.

I was eating a burrito a minute ago. Actually three. Bean and Cheese. It cost me 75 cents. It makes me happy to think of living so cheaply. Much in the same way it makes me unhappy when I get a statement on my mutual funds. Oh yes, I have those.

Eating makes me happy. It's not just that I like burritos. I do. It's the act of eating. The tasting and the chewing. So different from sex, but I enjoy them so. It's because I'm alive, you see. That's what life does, it conditions itself to enjoy that which continues itself.

What I can't figure out is why anything would want to go from no life to life. Evolution makes a lot of sense for me. I'm all for survival of the fitest. Sex feels good, so does eating. It's so we will live. But how did we go from nothing to a one celled organism even? That I don't get. What advatage does life have over non-life?

I'm not crazy, you know. I just think about things a lot. The only evil thought is that there are evil thoughts. That's what I belive. So you have hang-ups and you don't like to even think of some things. That's not my problem. You think you know so much. About my padded walls and the concrete floors. You know shit.