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I was born 9/01/73. I have this thing about only having people who can do math know my age. (I might lie a lot in my homenode if I think it's funny)

I'm 6'3" about 220 pounds, brown hair, not brown eyes (that's not just a joke, I just don't feel like telling the story of my eyes right now) perfect teeth my parents bought me, and a big ass "roman" nose. Imagine a young Ringo Star that looks increadibly smug whenever he smiles. (Update: I haven't heard Ringo Star in a long time...after The Benefactor came out people told me I look like Mark Cuban)

6/24/09 Last celebrity I've been getting is Taylor Hicks.

I currently live in Las Vegas.

I wrote a story called The Curse circa 1994. I put it in a daylog to 1) make sure a god doesn't eat it and 2) make sure it can't get corrupted (if, say, the crack whores and drug dealers set fire to my apartment) Just click on the February 26, 2003 (idea) bookmark if you want to read it.