Benjamin Bear is a Sanrio character, created in the year 1993, and discontinued in the year 1999.

Benjamin Bear is a teddy bear, who is almost always pictured cuddling a (smaller) teddy bear, was born in Charlotte Forest on December 23rd.

Benjamin Bear has travelled all over the world, as he is full of curiosity. He is skilled at cooking and sewing, and is content to spend time alone (with his teddy bear).

This noder feels that Benjamin Bear was created by Sanrio to give comfort to lonely children, assuring them that even if they were left to their teddy, they could have a rich inner life as "armchair travellers", and enjoy solitary pursuits such as cooking and sewing. To this end, Benjamin Bear stands testament to Sanrio founder Shintaro Tsuji's desire to bring warmth and happiness to all kinds of people, but especially to those who crave happiness.

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