Boo Gey Woo are a set of Sanrio characters, launched to the domestic Japanese market in the year 1984.

The trio of sibling piggies (two brothers and one sister) live in the American countryside, and earn their living by running a traditional roadside diner.

The siblings are:

Boo, the senior brother, is the head cook. He is also the most organised of the trio. He wears a chef's jacket and hat.

Gey, the baby of the batch, has a powerful hunger, and loves to eat potato croquettes. He wears a nice wiskit and dicky-bow tie.

Woo, the middle sibling and sister to Boo and Gey, is stuck with the job of cleaning up after her little brother! She wears a pretty pinafore.

Boo Gey Woo were discontinued by Sanrio in the great purge of 1999.

Research: Sanrio home site

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