There are a number of motorcycle skills schools out there. You've got the Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic skills class and their Experienced Rider course. There's the DP Safety School. There are verious Superbike Racing Schools like CLASS.

But wouldn't you rather go to John Woo Motorcycle School? A place where they'd take you out for a day (a week?) (preferrably on their motorcycles) and teach you to ride like the people in those excellent explosion movies. (In particular the stunts in the recent Woo film, M:I-2.)

I'd pay big money to learn to successfully carry off a one handed stoppie while pivoting about the front wheel AND shooting over my shoulder! Or maybe that trick where you smoke the rear tire while riding to blind people behind you with a toxic smoke screen.

I'd love to get to a place where I can learn to pull off all of the stunts I see in movies that my hooligan heart can really only dream of.

My girlfriend wants to go to Superbike School for her birthday and learn to ride FAST around a track. Screw that. I wanna go to John Woo Motorcycle School and learn to ride fast around the inside of a still under construction sports arena over broken glass and through flying bullets!

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