The place where Keroppi lives.

Created by the Japanese Sanrio team in 1988.

Donut Pond is populated by a community of frogs and other frog compatible creatures. The members of the community that I'm aware of include:

Keroppi Hasu-no-ue
The ringleader of the Ganta-Kyorosuke-Keroppi trio, and also the most popular creature in the pond. Keroppi loves to sing and swim, and is a born leader.
Birthday July 10, year unknown (although he seems to be a perennial 8 year old).

The biggest and strongest frog in the pond. Ganta acts tough but is secretly afraid of the dark.
Birthday October 10.

A frog with a penchant for surprising the other creatures in Donut Pond. His superior surprising skills have been known to cause others to pass out. Doesn't seem to have many other redeeming features.
Birthday April 22.

A cute (kawaii) snail, always seems to be smiling in adoration for his idol Keroppi. Loves daydreaming. Being a snail, often doesn't keep up with the Ganta-Kyorosuke-Keroppi trio, which are usually causing some kind of non-destructive trouble at the pond.
Birthday April 28.

The most sensible of the pond's younger inhabitants, she is the one to stop the fights that inevitably break out over frog games that get out of control. When she's not being the peacemaker, she loves to collect fashion. Her favourite outfit is her red polkadot dress.
Birthday January 21

The characters described in this node are copyrighted properties of Sanrio Ltd of Japan, and no breach of copyright is intended. Indeed, the author is a Sanro otaku, and wishes the best success for the company.

And thanks to Shro0m for romaji help.

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